General Recommendations

General Recommendations

  • Always wear a properly fastened helmet
  • Install a red light under the saddle to make your presence clear
  • Wear bright colours and reflective elements so that other drivers can see you
  • Take out accident insurance at your travel agency
  • Emergency telephone 112

On the road, cyclists must comply with current traffic regulations. We also give you some good tips to maintain the coexistence between cars, pedestrians and cyclists that makes the Maresme an exceptional place for cycling:

A-      On roads without kerbs (or of less than one metre) or with heavy traffic and low visibility:

  • Ride in single file and in groups of 5 cyclists (maximum group length 30 metres = 2 cars)
  • Leave a space of 50 metres (3 cars) between each group of 5 cyclists.

B-      On roads with a kerb of more than one metre, or little traffic and good visibility:

  •  Ride two-abreast and in groups of up to 10 cyclists (maximum group length 30 metres = 2 cars)
  •  Leave a space of 50 metres (3 cars) between each group of 10 cyclists.


  • Slow down when you reach roundabouts, and group together as much as possible. Cars have an obligation to respect you as a "group unit".
  • Turns: the group leader must indicate changes of direction with their arm to the relevant side. Repeat the signal 3 times. The other members of the group will also make the signal.
  • Stops: stops will be indicated just like turns. Important! The leading group must provide a space for the whole group to get completely off the road.
  • Objects on the road: objects on the road, stones, holes, dangerous objects and glass are pointed out with the arm diagonally towards the ground, on the side where the object lies. 
  • Rubbish: do not throw away energy bar wraps, gels or anything in general, either on stops or while riding.
  • Parking: on stops, park your bicycles in a safe place and in places that cause no obstruction for other people.

Protected natural spaces are places where you can do outdoor activities and get to know our natural and cultural heritage. Keep them protected.

  • Always use the paths and trails provided. Don't take short cuts.
  • Adjust your speed to the type of road and avoid skidding, which causes soil erosion.
  • Pedestrians have priority. Give way to them. Follow the signs and respect the heritage.
  • Don’t leave rubbish in the environment, not even organic waste, as it can take time to break down and impact on the landscape.
  • Always respect the flora and fauna.
  • Plan your route in advance and take a map or GPS.
  • Bring tools and spare parts for your bike. This will help you solve minor problems.
  • Ride with care in strong wind, heavy rain or fog.
  • Avoid riding and crossing streams or dry rivers at times of rain