SICTED (The Integral Spanish Tourism Quality System for Destinations)

SICTED (The Integral Spanish Tourism Quality System for Destinations)

The Integral Spanish Tourism Quality System for Destinations (SICTED) enables quality management of tourist businesses and services; in this way it guarantees quality standards while at the same time improving the image of the tourist destination.

Benefits for the destination:
Promotes a comprehensive perception of the destination
Guarantees the favorable image of the destination
Positions the destination in an optimal way
Increases the coherency of the quality level included in its offer
Introduces the culture of quality and continual improvement in the destination
Improves coordination between the public and private sectors

Benefits for participating establishments and services:
Improves management and provision of services of the establishment
Uses clients satisfaction for continual improvement of products or services

Benefits for visitors:
Personalized and professional attention
Speed in the services provided
Increase in satisfaction of services used
Comfort and cleanliness of welcome spaces
Innovation, variety and quality of products
Reliability of information
Sustainable environmental management

This is a nationawide project in which more than 175 destination participate. These destinations are home to more than 4,230 distinguished businesses with more than 3,580 others in process of distinction.

The Barcelona - Maresme - Coast is committed to tourism quality. This is backed up by the award we received as finalists in the SICTED Awards: Best quality destination of 2010, by the General Secretary of Tourism.

The distinguished establishments bear the emblem