El Maresme’s parks, replete with historic vestiges, are an inexhaustible setting for the practice of hiking, mountain routes and nature sports, not to mention the magnificent natural spaces offered by their countryside and the advantage of being located alongside cosmopolitan coastal towns. Some of the most prominent hiking routes are:


Connects all of the towns in Maresme via paths seafront promenades, footpaths along streams, etc. Trails can be done on foot, by bicycle or on horseback, and are well marked. The town of Malgrat...

Known as the Sender dels Miradors, it begins in Sitges and ends in Canet de Mar, after covering 214 km.

Corresponds to the Camí del Nord or Camí del Canigó, which connects the city of Mataró with the city of Prada de Conflent (Llenguadoc- Rosselló, France). It is 213 km long.

The number given to this trail results from the fact that it was originally intended to be inaugurated in 1992, the year in which the Olympic Games were held in Barcelona. Its itinerary of 583 km...