Taste, smell, touch, experience the flavours of the sea and mountains!
They say that the sauló, the coarse sand that covers our land, is what gives our products personality. Sauló is in the sea and gardens of El Maresme, it is our treasure hidden from the eyes of the world. But only those who tread on it when visiting our farmers, those who experience the taste of the salt in seafood in a cooking workshop or those who take a wander through the vineyards know what Sea and Mountain Flavours experiences are all about, and discover our hidden treasure.
The best way to taste the produce of our gardens and vineyards is to let yourself be carried away by the experiences we offer and discover the proposals most deeply rooted in our cuisine and our sauló landscapes.
We invite you to experience our sea and mountain flavours by visiting the fields, by attending the cooking workshops and tastings of the food artisans, etc., who will reveal the secrets of their products by opening the doors to their workshops for you to savour the landscapes and traditions inherited from our cuisine.
Do you want to take part in the “Sabors de Mar i de Munt” project?
If you offer guided tours of your vineyard, do cooking workshops, organise visits to farms, etc., and have participated in projects such as “Benvinguts a Pagès” or others...
Sign up and tell us what you have to offer. It will be a pleasure to meet you personally in order to talk about the project. 
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Participation in this project is free and earns you many benefits:
  • You will enjoy exclusive promotional actions, only for “Sabors de Mar i de Munt”.
  • You will meet other entrepreneurs, shops and farmers also in love with the flavours of El Maresme.
  • You will be able to take part for free in training workshops in a variety of sectors.
  • You will be offered advice and information on what’s going on in the El Maresme region.
  • You will be able to actively participate in promotional actions on gastronomic tourism.