You can taste and buy El Maresme products to take home with the “Sabors de Mar i de Munt” guarantee.
The Maresme region’s mild climate and privileged location have made it one of Catalonia’s great vegetable gardens. Over time, this sector has developed an important economic activity that has shaped our landscapes and the life of our towns and markets.
“Sabors de Mar i de Munt” shops and market stalls offer fresh products. These are establishments that guarantee the origin of their products because they have the Proximity Stamp of the Government of Catalonia (short circuit/direct sale), which ensures that the products for sale have been grown in El Maresme.
Jams, jellies, cakes or cheeses are just one example of the variety of our produce. The crafters of El Maresme products work to offer our region’s most authentic sea and mountain flavours. The “Sabors de Mar i de Munt” processors and producers are part of the Network of Products of the Maresme Lands, which guarantees the non-industrial nature of this produce.
We invite you to fill your basket with sea and mountain flavours, and to enjoy the freshness and authenticity of the taste of quality and proximity. The best guarantee for your table.
Do you want to take part in the “Sabors de Mar i de Munt” project?
If you are a farmer and/or shop and you have the Proximity Sale Stamp (short circuit/direct sale), or you are a worker of the Network of Products of the Land and you want to give air to your products...
Sign up and tell us what you have to offer. It will be a pleasure to meet you personally in order to talk about the project. 
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Participation in the project is free and earns you multiple benefits:
  • You will enjoy exclusive promotional actions, only for “Sabors de Mar i de Munt”.
  • You will meet other entrepreneurs, shops and farmers also in love with the flavours of El Maresme.
  • You will be able to take part for free in training workshops in a variety of sectors.
  • You will be offered advice and information on what’s going on in the El Maresme region.
  • You will be able to actively participate in promotional actions on gastronomic tourism.
For more information:
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- Network of Products of the Land