Tastes of the Sea and the Mountains

El Maresme’s cuisine is full of references to its landscape of mountains and coastlines, its pines and sauló (coarse sand), its breeze and waves, and its sea and mountains.
“Sabors de Mar i de Munt” (Sea and Mountain Flavours) is a project led by the Consortium for the Promotion of Maresme Coast Tourism, with the support of the Catalan Employment Service and the European Social Fund, to enhance the region’s cultural and gastronomic heritage.
“Sabors de Mar i de Munt” 
offers you all the gastronomic proposals that meet the necessary quality standards that guarantee a true local product, rooted in cultural heritage and with guarantees of social, ecological and tourist sustainability. In order to guarantee the oldest and most Mediterranean gastronomic experiences, from the farmer to the restaurateur, including the shops, markets, fish auctions and tours, “Sabors de Mar i de Munt” is a guarantee of quality, of local products and true Mediterranean flavours, rooted in our culture and traditions.
We invite you to fall in love with the Maresme’s flavours of the land, the sea and the vineyards, to intensely savour the most authentic flavours and to fill your basket with local produce and the hand crafted products of our traditions.
Discover El Maresme through your palate and fall in love with its flavours!
Do you want to take part in the “Sabors de Mar i de Munt” project? If you are a restaurant, a local store, producer or food craft workshop and farmer, or you have premises that offer tours, tastings, cooking workshops, etc., contact us and join the Sea and Mountain Flavours project. Click here. www.saborsmaresme.cat
You can taste and buy El Maresme products to take home with the “Sabors de Mar i de Munt” guarantee.
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Taste, smell, touch, experience the flavours of the sea and mountains!
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