D.O.P. Mongeta del ganxet

Among local farm products, the Fesol or Mongeta del Ganxet (variety of white bean) is, without doubt, an institution in the region, in that it is the only farm product with its own denomination.
Its origins can be traced to Central America and, most likely, it was brought to Catalonia by the Indiàns, entering first through El Maresme. It wasn’t until 1992 that the School of Agriculture of Barcelona initiated a program of characterization and refinement of the product in order to achieve the necessary requirements of a PDO. The result is a white legume, flat and dry, characteristic for its hook shape and its creaminess. It is mild in taste, with a hull that isn’t noticeable when eaten.
The geographic zone protected by the PDO of the Mongeta or Fesol del Ganxet Vallès – Maresme includes all municipalities of the Vallès Occidental and Vallès Oriental, nine municipalities of the Alt Maresme and four in the region of La Selva. The difference between calling it fesol or mongeta is due, simply, to geographic zone: in the Vallès it’s called mongeta and in the Alt Maresme, fesol.